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Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Volcano LAVATUBE v2.5 Kit – Electronic Cigarette Review

I was really excited to do the review for the Lavatube 2.5 kit because when I unboxed it I realized how hardcore the design and build quality is. I never saw anything like it in the market. The Lavatube is a really beauty offered in many different colors. Offered in Red, Gold, Blue, Pink, Gunmetal, Black and Silver. With the kit you get the NiteCore D2 battery charger. When I saw the size of the

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Volcano Inferno Vaporizer – Electronic Cigarette Review

What is it:
The Volcano Inferno is Volcano’s entry level Vaporizer that can be customized with different atomizers, cartomizers and tanks.  When your shopping for accessories make sure it has eGo threading like the Inferno so it fits properly. Initially using it, filling the tank can be tedious at times, it’s not as easy as some of the other products on the market.
The Inferno is all a metal design giving you confidence when you hold it. It

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SmokeTip Tank Kit – Electronic Cigarette Review

What is it:
SmokeTip has finally migrated over into the E-Liquid market offering a vaporizer to beginners and enthusiasts. The SmokTip Tank has been designed for people who love to produce clouds of smoke! After using it for a week we have come up with an opinion about it if its the right electronic cigarette for you.

Right out of the box you notice the sturdy and solid build quality of the tank. It is made of

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Charlie’s Club – Electronic Cigarette Subscription Review

What is it:
Charlie’s Club is the new kid on the block offering a monthly subscription service to consumers. It’s perfect for people who smoke often or don’t have the time to replenish their smokes. The idea behind the subscription is that they give you all the hardware for free (Welcome Package), you just subscribe to the cartridges each month. You are given two rechargeable batteries, a wall outlet and two USB chargers. This allows you

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eVoke Smoke – Electronic Cigarette Review

eVoke Smoke is a new brand on the block getting a piece of the Electronic Cigarette market. They have a vast line of E-Cigs, E-Cloves, E-Cigarillos, E-Blacks and E-Cigars offering something for everyone. They are all about giving customers the power of choice and freedom so you have a lot of options and flavor choices. Many of the flavors they have available you wouldn’t expect to find in the electronic cigarette market. eVoke teamed up with E-Juice company

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