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E Cig Reviews: The Top 4

Electronic Cigarette Reviews

V2 Cigs Review

Remember that song "Simply the Best"? Well after 2 years of using E-cigs, I have to say V2 is "better than all the rest". I was a long time user of Green Smoke, but when I got a call from the guys at

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The Best V2 Cig Flavors Reviewed

Fortunately for me, I get allot of free Electronic cigarettes in the mail because of the popularity of Puffweb. Every time a company comes out with a new flavor, they usually send me one to review.
In the course of the past few years, I have tried every single flavor that V2 has to offer. I have my opinion on what the best flavors are, but it really depends on what “real cigarette flavor” each user

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V2 Disposable Review

Here is a video I just did on V2 Cig’s disposable Electronic Cigarettes. Let me know what you guys think!

Visit V2Cigs.com to check out the V2 Disposables!



Green Smoke Review by Mary Jane

The very sexy Mary Jane, or “MJ”, has joined the Puffweb team as a part time Reviewer. Her first review is Green Smoke. Watch her Green Smoke Review above.



Green Smoke Review

Puffweb takes a look at Green Smoke outlines the pros, cons, and features of this Ecig Brand

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