I’m a 27 year old blogger and I live in Tampa, FL. I starting smoking when I was 15, and finally quit about 2 years ago. I never would have been able to stop smoking if it wasn’t for electronic cigarettes. Since then I have become an Anti Smoking Advocate and general health nut.

I wanted to share my experiences with others about becoming tobacco free, and also share my knowledge about vaping and the different products available for those wanting the try the “electronic version”.

Thus, Puffweb.com was born. On here, you will find Quitting Smoking Tips & Tutorials, Tobacco & Smoking Facts, Electronic Cigarette Reviews & Industry News, information on the corruption of the FDA, and more.

If you came to this site wondering about Electronic Cigarettes, read my E Cig Reviews before buying a brand. There are a ton of high and low quality products out there, so if you want to have the best chance of quitting smoking, you will want to buy the right brand.

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