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After trying Blu Cigs for the first time, I noticed the cartridges produce alot of vapor. Some E-cigs have a problem producing enough vapor to make you feel like you are really smoking. But these cartridges have alot of flavor and alot of vapor. The battery life and cartridge life are about the same as other average brands, so I would not say they have an upper edge there, but definetly in flavor/vapor. The kit is pretty inexpensive, but they only have a year warranty. Some other brands like V2 Cigs have a lifetime warranty. Overall I think Blu is a great Ecig, and while I wouldn’t say its the best Ecig out there, it is certainly worth every penny.

Also I want to note, the classic tobacco has a very gourmet tobacco taste to it. Very smooth, like German #6 tobacco.

Basic Product Details: The Blu Cigs Starter Kit consists of 5 cartridges, two electronic batteries, two atomizers, a portable USB charger, and a wall charger. You get 25 free cartridges with the starter kit,of which you can choose their strength.

There are a few new models of Blu Cigs packs available. The Stealth Pack has a black matte finish, while the Snow Pack has a white matte finish. The Flavor Cartridges have an enhanced liquid flavoring as well as a deeper core for a consistent flavor and vapor flow. Blu Cigs also come with a battery that can be charged on the move. Every battery has a capacity of six recharges. The blue LED device (much like the Red LED device on other brands) acts as a battery alert.

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Ok at best

3 5 1
I think Blu is an OK safe cig. I personally feel there are better brands out there so they would do well to not charge so much IMO ($59.95 a pack and $25.00 a catridge pack, yikes) The flavors are good and I will say that they do offer more variety than the other e-cigs I have tried (“cough” the safe cig). I just don’t feel that they capture that real smoking feel as well as other brands do. Also, I don’t know if it was just me, but my battery got very weak very quickly. Again, I don’t know if I was just unlucky or if this is a company wide thing, just letting people know. All in all I will say they do the job, but I would recommend trying other brands if you are going to pay these prices anyway. All just IMO

It\\\'s good but V2 is better

3 5 1
I have recently switched to V2 (just wrote a review for them) but Blu is one of the brands I had tried previously. I think the vapor ammount was excellent and comparable to the top brands, however my battery did not keep a charge as long as I would have liked it too. I’m not sure if that was an individual problem with my ecig, or a universal one with Blu products, but that is what happened to me. Also, IMO they could make the flavors a little more bold and tasteful. All and all, while I do think there are better brands out there, there are worse out there as well. Blu is not a waste of money

Bad batteries

2 5 1
I have been using Blu for about a month. I am a heavy smoker so\r\nI bought extra batteries and extra chargers. The batteries are\r\nunreliable and only last about 1 hour. I am totally unhappy with the life of the battery. The disposable works for almost\r\na full day but the cost of them makes it not a good alternative for full time use. I would not buy this product again because of the battery life.

Good value

4 5 1
Blu is one of the most inexpensive ecigs on the market. the $59.95 starter kit price is far below that of other big time electronic cigarettes. I know that may scare some people off who think cheap automaticly equals bad, but to me Blu held it’s own with every other ecig I have tried. The vivid vanilla was an excellent flavor that I enjoyed more than any flavor offered by any other ecig brand. Again, for $59.95 you really can’t beat the value of Blu. I am not sure why someone posted above that they were too expensive. I have seen starter kits for other ecigs cost almost $200.

Very rude support

1 5 1
I’m going to try to keep this quick. I first ordered the Premium 100 Starter Kit. One of the batteries that came with the kit was bugged out. The light stayed on and it hissed horribly as soon as you screwed on a cartridge. I filled out the proper return forms and sent the battery back over a month ago. The did receive my battery however, I have yet to receive a replacement or an ETA on when I can get it. Secondly, I ordered more cartridges over a week ago. I clicked the link to track my package and no tracking info was found. I contacted support, and VERY rudely was told it could take 2 weeks or more. It seems Blu is putting all of their focus on this new “high-tech-find-other-people-with-Blu” than on actual functioning products and service. I will NOT purchase anymore from this company nor would I ever refer any friends.

Overall Poor

2 5 1
FORGET THE BLU… Buy a Crown 7 for $10 less.\r\n\r\nFlavors – GOOD. Many choices and all are tasty\r\nVapor Amount – VERY POOR. Nothing compared to a good ecig\r\nBattery life – VERY POOR. Less than an hour.\r\nCartridge life – VERY POOR. 20 puffs max before it tastes like plastic\r\nWarranty – ???\r\n\r\nI bought the Blu kit about a month ago. I have tried a few different e-cigs, but this on intrigued me.\r\n\r\nI thought the charging pack was neat, and with my line of work, an outlet is rarely available. So I read some reviews (not this webite) and thought, its about half the price of a tece, and $10 more than some other kits I had bought over the last year, so why not?!\r\n\r\nI liked how small the batteries were, it makes it feel more like a real cigarette when its the size of a cigarette.\r\n\r\nI soon realized that the small batteries were a BIG drawback. They have a short life, and get even weaker after a couple weeks of use.

Not impressed

3 5 1
Blu starter kits start at $69.95 for the original, but the premium starter kit (at $79.95) seems to be more comparable to the other top brands. It’s ok; it gets me by. I’m ready to move onto to something better though. A pack of real cigarettes normally lasts me about 4 days, but these Blu cartridges run out in a day or two. I think maybe they are considering little baby pulls, but to get that sensation of a cigarette, you need to take a much bigger drag. I’ve had to buy 4 extra batteries so far because they keep dying on me by no longer accepting a charge. They will often be falsely triggered by movement, and if there is a slight breeze, you can’t bring it outside. It will heat up in your pocket. Some cartridges last longer than others. They have room to improve their standard of quality. Sometimes you’ll open up a new cartridge and it’ll already be dead. The disposables are better, but too expensive to keep buying. And stay away from the coffee flavor. It tastes exactly like burnt popcorn. Which as it turns out is not an acceptable reason to return them

Battery sucks

2 5 1
The tobacco flavored cartridges taste strongly of coffee, which was off putting for me. Also the battery life, as commented by others, is horrible.\r\n\r\nVapor amount was very good, which makes it enjoyable to smoke for the hour or so the battery works. Lots of flavor options as well

Carts have changed

2 5 1
I’ve been smoking these over a year and currently looking for something different. They switched there cartridges, which they charge more for and they do not last as long as they say they do. I have to send a couple of batteries back because they are defective, they both broke at the same time and I had to run to the store to find something else

Ok in my book

4 5 1
I just got my Blu Premium starter kit, I have to say it has a real easy draw and tons of vapor. The flavor is smooth and kind of tastes like a chocolate coffee flavor. I’m more into somthing that tastes more like a regular smoke. My wife however thinks its awesome. So i guess she will get the Blu and i just orderd the ultimate V2 kit. Hopefully they will be more like a traditional smoke.

Not good

2 5 1
I’ve been very disappointed with this product. I bought a kit sometime back and the atomizers gave up the ghost not too long after. I’ve since bought new cartridges and was not impressed. I’m looking for something to help me quit smoking and blu is not the answer for me. They do not taste nor hit like a real cigarette. Neat packaging and I love the pack size case that charges, but i’m not interested in bells and whistles, i’m looking for something that feels the same as smoking

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Blu Cigs3.95AJ2013-06-11 10:15:53After trying Blu Cigs for the first time, I noticed the cartridges produce alot of vapor. Some E-cigs have a problem producing enough vapor to make you feel like you are really smoking. But these cartridges have alot of flavor and alot of vapor. The battery life and cartridge life are about the same as other average brands, so I would not say they have an upper edge there, but definetly in flavor/vapor. The kit is Read Post →
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