Can Electronic Cigarettes be Enough?

Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis, or watches the puffweb videos, knows that even though I do a lot of writing about electronic cigarettes, I am still mainly a traditional smoker. This works out well because it helps gives a real smokers perspective when we are reviewing new brands. I think (and have been told) that this perspective is very important when trying to explain to people what to expect when using a certain brand (remember, most e cig users, or people thinking about using e cigs, are in fact smokers).

I make no bones about my enjoyment of smoking. Even with all the health risks that have been discovered during my lifetime I can’t help but enjoy smoking. This is another reason I think electronic cigarettes have been so successful. They capture the psychology of traditional smoking, and for most smokers, that is a key ingredient in helping them get away from traditional cigarettes.

It is getting to the point that I think i am ready to try and get off cigarettes myself. I am going to be blogging quite often about my trials and tribulations doing this, and also about which e cig brands helped the most. Can electronic cigarettes be enough to keep me from smoking? Well, we are about to find out. So stick with me over the next couple of months and see if I have what it takes quit, it should be entertaining to read about at the very least. You might even through my misadventures find the courage to make the switch yourself. Lord knows that our wallets and quite possibly our health would be much happier if we did.

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