City in Oklahoma Completely BANS Electronic Cigarettes

A small town in Oklahoma is attempting to lay the smack down on Electronic Cigarettes. City Council members of Ada, Oklahoma have passed a ban on possessing electronic cigarettes on any indoor or outdoor areas owned by the City of Ada. The ban takes effect November 20th 2013.

City Council member Bryan Morris claimed that parents had complained that they did not want their children to see people using electronic cigarettes in or around city parks.

E Cig Bans in effect in other part of the state

In other areas of the state, OSU, or Oklahoma State University have delayed a proposed ban on electronic cigarettes on campus. Similar bans are currently present at the University of Central Oklahoma and the University of Oklahoma.

This information was reported by a news paper called The Oklahoman. Now, the SAME news paper published 3 earlier reports on how E-cigs were become popular in Oklahoma and how they were helping people successfully quit smoking, and generally getting a great reception by the people of Oklahoma.

Jennifer Lepard, the tobacco use and prevention manager with the state Health Department, threw in her two cents in the article saying, “It’s not just water vapor. What is going back into the air isn’t completely clean.” Lepard cautioned the nicotine juice is made in “someone’s home lab, not a hospital lab.”

Here are a couple of problems I have with Miss Lepard

1. How do you know if what is coming back into the air is clean or not clean? Have you personally conducted some super secret test beyond the FDA’s capabilities that proves your conclusion?

2. E-liquid made by national companies such as V2 Cigs or Green Smoke are NOT “made in someone’s home lab”. That is just a completely ignorant statement. I’m sure there are some less than reputable companies that attempt to make e-liquid, but there are also less than reputable people that cook up meth in their house! You can’t stop people from experimenting, or companies from being shady, but there is no reason to ban electronic cigarettes made by reputable companies.

Here’s another interesting fact. Oklahoma law expressly preempts local governments from enacting any local smoking regulations that are not exactly the same as the state law.

Soooo, the City of Ada is saying that they want to ban E-cigs because they aren’t sure that they are safe that cigarette smoke, yet they are using a loophole to have the authority to ban them because they are not cigarettes.

So, what do you think? Do you think the city of Ada has gone too far? Let me know in the comments below!

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