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E Cig Dangers Being Overstated due To Unfortunate Instance
February 18, 2012

When I said electronic cigarettes were “blowing up”, this is not exactly what I had in mind. A Florida man yesterday had an e cig blow up in his mouth. You can read about it here.

I know the “safe alternative to smoking” jokes are already making their rounds around the internet, but one should take note of this part of the article:

“Still, this seems to be the first recorded incident of an e-cigarette exploding. But not the first gadget that has burned faces in apparently normal use. Cell phones, for example, have been the subject of several explosions, each time the suggestion being that the batteries were at fault,” the CNET report said.

Not to mention, if you do a little Googling, you will find a ton of forums and websites that show you how to MOD Electronic Cigarettes. THIS IS DANGEROUS and can result in batteries flying out and catching on fire. Hmm, seems a bit familiar to this story . . .

I do find it curious that there is no mention in the report about which e cig brand the man was using. You would think that  information would be a vital part of any such report, but I guess I do not need to tell you that reporting is not what it used to be. I’ll have to do more research to try and find out which brand it was.

The man blew out his front teeth, which should not be a problem because he lives in florida (and before everyone gets all huffy about that joke, I LIVE IN FLORIDA, so ha…and yes I have all my teeth, but many of my neighbors…well, you get the drift). The battery also shot out and started a fire in his closet. I wouldn’t worry too much about this particular incident, I can almost guarantee this was a “bad MOD” situation. It’s very sad what happened to the man, but if he modded the E-cig, then its his own damn fault for being stupid. I’m going to be keeping an eye on this because I would also like to know if there is anything else this man was doing (like leaving it outside in hot conditions for too long, or using the cartridge to smoke meth, or whatever) that might have helped cause this. That is not touched on either in the report, sigh. When I know folks, you will too.

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