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This used to be a one page website. The following is my original review years ago. I only planned on doing one review on E-cigs in general, but soon discovered reviewing multiple brands was needed. Anyway, for nostalgia, here is he original review I did originally.

When I first heard about E-Cigarettes, I was pretty skeptical. I recently tried 3 brands and noticed they all pretty much worked the same, however one stood out as excellent.

Here is my Electronic Cigarette Review:


  1. You do have to recharge the battery at night. Just plug it in when you plug in your cell.
  2. It smokes a bit differently than a normal cigarette. I’m not sure if this is a con, but I thought I’d list it.


  1. It works. You definitely get the nicotine buzz.
  2. Save Money. The cartridges are cheap and work out to about 2 bucks a pack, way cheaper than normal cigs.
  3. There is no harmful smoke, tar, or carcinogens. Just pure nicotine vapor.
  4. You can smoke them in restaurants, bars, movie theaters, anywhere.
  5. You don’t need a lighter.
  6. There is no smell; it is completely odorless, so no bad breath or cigarette smell.
  7. No stained teeth.

To be honest, I like them. I have been smoking for 7 years and if it was that “different”, I wouldn’t smoke it. I was honestly surprised that it works as well as it does.

You can get different strengths of nicotine and different flavors like grape, chocolate, and of course menthol.

So it’s good whether you want to scale down slowly and quit, spend less money on cigarettes, or just smoke without getting cancer or worrying your loved ones about your health. Plus as I said before, you can smoke anywhere.

Here are the three brands I checked out.

1. Green Smoke

2. Vapor King

3. Super Cig

I liked the Green Smoke the best, it just seemed to be a real high quality E-Cig as compared to the others. The others were good too, but you could definitely tell Green Smoke was of a higher quality. Plus, they seem to be the most professional company and looks to be around for awhile, which is important if you decide to order replacement cartridges regularly.

As far as Greensmoke vs Vapor King, I’m definelty gonna have to go with Greensmoke. It hits much better.

In conclusion of my Electronic Cigarette Review, I really like E-Cigarettes and think they are the wave of the future.  Get yourself one! You will thank me later.



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