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Greensmoke is a really good Electronic Cigarette, and for a long time they were the top brand. They are still great, and I like to put them at my #2 choice.

Green Smoke uses disposable cartridges and their batteries have improved a lot since the first models. Their used to be a big problem with their batteries dying but since they upgraded them I have not seen any issues.

Green Smoke has some of the best tasting flavors on the market, and they are known for that. The flavors are strong and full. The recent upgrades to their batteries have resulted in a very easy draw, meaning you don’t have to puff hard to get a nice big drag.

Also, their customer service is superb, and they really take care to make sure you are a happy customer.

Below is a video review from my buddy Jason, who is a real smoker that just recently tried Ecigs, and I purposely caught his initial reactions on camera for this blog.

Jasons Original Green Smoke Review

About 6 months after the above review, Green Smoke sent me their new Ultimate Kit with the upgraded batteries. The ease of draw improved ALOT. Here is a recent review with me and Jason. He is becoming quite the Vaper now!!!

New Video Review Feb 2012:


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Green Smoke Review4.85AJ2014-05-20 16:53:57Greensmoke is a really good Electronic Cigarette, and for a long time they were the top brand. They are still great, and I like to put them at my #2 c…
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  • Dan Henry

    I would like to add that since they released thier new cartomizers, Green Smoke has become even better, with the highest amount of vapor in the industry!

  • Dan Henry

    “Thanks for the review Sarah! Sometimes brand new cartridges can make you cough on the first drag. I noticed that the newer carts from Green Smoke don’t do this as much. Do you have the newer ones?

    The ultra light carts are pretty smooth btw.

  • Dorothy

    I like the vapor production and some of the tastes of the carts, but I bought mine in 2009, have the batteries improved since then? I have always disliked the way the battery will cut you off after a 3-4 second draw. I have to take several hits in a row to get any satisfaction.

    • Dan Henry

      Oh yes, the batteries on virtually EVERY brand have improved since 2009. The 2012 Green Smoke is nothing like what they made back in ’09. That was thier first or second design that I think you have. I would try thier new cart/batteries, they are much improved and they dont have the cut off. Let me know if you try it and please post another review, thanks!

      • Kay

        Just bought my Green Smoke Kit the end of February 2012. Mine DOES have a cut off …. After about 5 seconds.

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