How to Quit Smoking in 30 days using Electronic Cigarettes

The following is an account of my (successful) attempt at quitting smoking using Electronic Cigarettes. I was able to become smoke free in 30 days, and while I cannot guarantee it will work for everyone, it certainly worked for me and 100’s of people that have emailed me!. If you want to give it a shot, here is my Week by Week account of how I did it.

Smoking used to be a very popular pastime. Most smokers (myself included) started smoking at a very young age because it was thought of as being glamorous and cool. As the years have gone by, smoking and tobacco companies have come under heavy fire. The health risks involved with smoking just became too obvious and hazardous to ignore. All around the country states are making it very hard to even smoke in public anymore. With other “quit smoking” products (nicotine gum, nicotine patch) producing only moderate success, the electronic cigarette was born. A battery powered device that produces water vapor and nicotine content, the Ecig has become a national phenomenon. It also has become the #1 way for smoker to try and quit. It worked wonders for me.

After finally deciding to quit smoking, I came to the conclusion that using Electronic Cigarettes would be the easiest way. Using the taper down method I was fully quit smoking in just 30 days. No, that is not a typo, 3 DAYS. I know many long time smokers who are reading this do not believe that is possible. That is why I am writing this, because if a 10 year smoker like me can do, I truly believe anyone can.

The E-Cig Taper Down Method

Week 1:

I started with the 18mg cartridges because I found the 24mg cartridges too strong for my liking. I used the congress flavor from V2 Cigs. The best way that I can describe this cartridge, is that it tastes similar to Real Parliament Cigarettes. At first I will say it was an adjustment. I had to puff on my V2 Cig a few times to break in the new cartridge and get a good vapor pull, but once that was done everything ran smoothly. I smoked like I always did at first, but I did notice as the week wore on that I had started smoking less cigarettes even without switching to a lower mg. I think the reason for this is because even though V2 is the “most real feeling” Ecig I have used, it still was a little different that real smoking. I did not have that “muggy feeling” when I used the Ecigs, and so I enjoyed it a bit more than actual smoking! This was a very good thing to happen for a person who was trying to quit!

Week 2:

At the beginning of the second week I still used the 18mg cartridges. The normal grumpy feeling that I and most other smokers get while trying to quit never really materialized (to my girlfriend’s delight). By the second week I had begun to smoke only Ecigs and no real cigs.

Week 3:

This week I dropped down to the 12mg cartridges. I thought I would notice the drop in nicotine level a lot more than I did, but it was still there. It was not enough to make me irritable though, thank God!

Week 4:

I continued the downward cycle in nicotine, which brought me to 6mg carts. These are basically like light cigarettes. I noticed this drop in nicotine more than the previous, but I was determined to succeed!

Week 5 & Beyond:

The big switch to 0mg was here and I was nervous. While Electronic Cigarettes had already helped me cut down substantially, I had a feeling that I was not going to be able stay with it smoking 0mg cartridges, because they essentially had no nicotine. I could not have been more wrong. Unlike the times I had quit smoking before, I did not revert back to cigarettes this time. My cravings were becoming less and less with each and every passing day very much to my surprise. A week later I was literally only pulling out my Ecig 2 or 3 times a day at most. This lasted until about halfway through another week . . . and then it happened. I went one whole day without using my Ecig or having a smoke of any kind. It had been 10+ years since I have been able to say that. It felt good and I was very proud of myself. Throughout the rest of the month I used my Electronic Cigarette only 5 more times (and one of those times was when my girlfriend was having surgery, so admittedly the stress got to me), and by the end of the month I was not only nicotine free, but smoke free as well.

About the Brand I Used:

I can’t begin to tell you how impossible I thought quitting smoking would be. Alot of people ask me what the best e cig to quit smoking is right now. I made the right choice with V2 Cigs. I believe it is the best electronic cigarette to stop smoking, and I have gained nothing but respect for them and their product. I still keep my V2 around because it really is enjoyable and as any former smoker can tell you, you never know when the stress of life is just going to be too much one day. The good thing about that is even if stress forces me to use my V2 again (I haven’t yet), I will still be using the 0mg cartridges. So there is no chance of me becoming addicted again. Plus, with all the different flavors like Chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla, etc . . . sometimes its nice to have a little fun and puff away 😉

I am so happy to be smoke free and as I said before, if I can do it, anyone can do it. So if you have been thinking about quitting but have been too nervous to try it, there has never been a better time that right now. If you try this method, please comment and let me know how it’s going!

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  1. Lizard Juice

    Hey Dan… great idea to share your experience … this really helps people get ideas about how they can do it too.

  2. Rich

    Awesome experience Dan, I started smoking at the age of 13 and quite so many times in my twenties. I never tried the pills or the patch. I did try a similar E- Cig like you are using, my that didn’t last long and I went back to smoking cigarette’s. There is a shop that opened up around me and they have the expensive E-Cigs which I have is called the Talon. I paid $60 for the whole unit. I never thought it would work since I tried a similar one you are demonstrating. I quite smoking for over a year on it and I fell back to the real cigs. I recently stopped again, and this time for good. It have been only a month, but I feel like I am still a smoker since I use an E-Cig. I am going to try your method of quitting. Thank and congrats on quitting.

  3. Carol Frampton

    Thanks for the advice Dan, on my first week will let you know how I go.

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