New V2 Ecig Just Around The Corner


On April 16th V2 will be rolling out there super secret new electronic cigarette. There is a  big contest over on the V2 forum where people have been trying to guess what the new product is going to be. My entry:

“In response to the constant whining done by the FDA V2 shall introduce THE GUARANTEED QUIT!!!  No taper down necessary






After just one use…YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO QUIT!!!”


LMAO!!! Of course I’m just kidding, but a lot of other people are not. Some people have suggested that seasonal flavors and seasonal colors, while other believe a new “ladies line” of ecigs is on the way. Will it be a new kind of battery? New flavors? A whole new design? No one knows, but you can head over to V2 forum, sign in, and take a guess yourself (you can sign up for the forum while your at it 😉 ). All I know is that there is a lot of hype for this new…..something, lol.

I will say this though, this is V2 we are talking about here. After all, they are not our users number 1 brand for nothing. They continue to make fantastic ecig products over there and I expect nothing less from this new one. When whatever it is comes out, you can be sure we will be talking about it.


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  1. scott

    Thanks for the review i find the electronic cigarette to be amazing if you truly want to quit smoking! No tar, no ash, no odor, what could be better when quitting cigarettes! Plus you can feel the difference in your health.

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