Nicotine Free Electronic Cigarettes

Just about every brand of electronic cigarettes office zero nicotine version. I often have people ask me, why would anybody want zero nicotine electronic cigarettes? Well there are a few reasons.

Using Nicotine Free Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

First of all, if you are trying to quit smoking many times you’ll use a nicotine patch or you’ll simply smoke less and less cigarettes as time goes by. Essentially what you are doing is tapering down on cigarettes, or tapering down on the level of nicotine. The same thing goes for electronic cigarettes. You can start with a 24 mg cartridge, and then work your way down to an 18 mg and then down to a 12 mg, and then down to 6 mg, and eventually you’ll be using a 0mg cartridge, or “nicotine free electronic cigarettes”.









So if you gradually taper down the amount of nicotine your body ingests, your body won’t revolt and demand more. When you quit cold turkey, your body get shocked and demands nicotine with more force, make your cravings a lot stronger. This is why it is so hard to quit cold turkey. If we taper down and do it gradually, we can sort of slip out the back door when our body is not looking.

My personal method, that I used to quit smoking, begins with vaping a full flavor nicotine cartridge for a full week. This is also known as 24 mg cartridge. In that first week I might have smoked a few cigarettes here and there, just to sort of get used to it, but essentially the full flavor cartridge filled up that whole week of vaping.

The next week, I used 18 mg for the whole week. I felt the little bit of the difference for the first two days, but after that it was no big deal, I was used to it. However the less nicotine you use and closer you get to nicotine free electronic cigarettes, the hard it gets!

Coming into the third week, I move down to the 12 mg. This is basically like a medium cigarette. This move was a little bit more noticeable than the previous, but it was still completely manageable because I was going down gradually. I think I might had two cigarettes all week, but I wasn’t going to beat myself up about it.

Moving on to the fourth week, I used a 6 mg cartridge. This is essentially the equivalent to a light cigarette. Though, some people describe it as an ultralight. Either way, I felt the difference a little bit more so I decided to stick with this one for two weeks. Thank God I did because it made moving to a electronic cigarette without nicotine much easier. So for the next two weeks I used the 6 mg, and then decided to start slowly alternating between  0 mg and 6 mg. I would vape one cartridge of 6mg, then one cartridges 0mg, then one cartridge of 6mg, than one cartridge of 0mg, back and forth untill I could stick withnicotine free electronic cigarettes.

So you see, I really focused on being ultra gradual. This was the key to my success. Now I only vape on on nicotine free electronic cigarettes, and it gives me enough of a satisfaction that I don’t have to pick up a real cigarette.

That’s the reason for nicotine free electronic cigarettes.

Using Nicotine Free Electronic Cigarettes for fun

I myself, have been smoke-free for over two years. I used electronic cigarettes to quit smoking and ever since I have only used nicotine free electronic cigarettes. It’s nice to be able to puff something here and there, but because I had already quit, I obviously don’t want to use anything with nicotine it. So I use my zero nicotine E cigs and I can still get the feel and flavor of smoking a real cigarette, but there is no nicotine.

Nicotine constrict your blood vessels and put more work on your heart, so to be able to smoke without nicotine is really an awesome thing, since you still get that feeling that you’re not putting that strain on your body.

If you want to continue using electronic cigarettes without nicotine after you have successfully quit smoking, it’s okay, many people do!

A lot of electronic cigarette companies offer a variety of flavors like chocolate, cherry, mint, blueberry, etc. So if you’d like to puff on these for fun, it’s always best to do it with no nicotine so you’re not putting the strain on your blood vessels and heart. I personally prefer chocolate. I also like cherry and other flavors.

If you’re looking for an electronic cigarette, consider checking out my V2 Cigs review. This is the electronic cigarette I personally recommend, and the one I used to quit.

So what about you, any tips on nicotine free electronic cigarettes? What are your favorite flavors ?

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