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Here at puffweb.com we thrive on giving you (the user) the best advice on the electronic cigarette world, as well as other tips to quit smoking, and any and all news going on in the smoking world. This is the main reason we are the #1 e cig website on the planet.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed through our site by posting a user review, and to those who have not….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? We are the best because we pride ourselves on listening to you (the consumer). You will always have a voice that will be heard at puffweb.com. We want as many people as possible communicating with us and letting us know what they think the best e cig brand is. Tell us why you like something, or tell us why you do not. This will help us and you get the most out of the electronic cigarette experience.

So when you visit be sure to comment so that others can see what you think. We have presidents of e cig companies on here all the time trying to get an idea of what their customers want and interacting with our community. Make sure your ideas are heard as well.

Also, just a quick note, but at the bottom of the home page you will find a place subscribe to our site. It is totally free, all we need is your first name and email address and you will not only get all the e cig info you will ever need shipped to your inbox, but also a heads up on the best deals in the industry. It is totally worth it, and again it will not cost you a thing!

We would not be #1 without your input and support, and trust us, we will never forget that. 

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