Quitting Smoking Side Effects

When considering quitting smoking, it is a good idea to know what the side effects will be so that you don’t get caught off guard and give up.


The following are the most common Side Effects to Quitting Smoking:roy-scheider-jaws

Blood sugar levels drop which temporarily causes fatigue, dizziness, possible nausea, and a sudden hankering for sweets.

Weight gain is possible if your sweets hankering gets you into the cookie jar too much.

Headaches. This is sort of like a caffeine headache. You drink coffee every morning and then one day you don’t get your coffee. The caffeine deprivation causes a headache. Same thing with cigarettes.

Trouble sleeping. This is usually due to the awkward adjustment caused by not receiving your adequate nicotine.

Irritability. Well this one is pretty simple to understand. You want a cigarette, and your not getting one. So your angry.


How to lessen the Side Effects so you can Quit Smoking Right now:

Drink some juice. Juice has natural sugar which will keep your blood sugar level high and therefore counteract most of the side effects causes by blood sugar imbalance. It will also prevent weight gain and excessive eating.

Eat breakfast. Seriously. If you don’t eat breakfast your body will intensify the side effects from quitting smoking and that will just suck.

Drink ALOT of water. Your body is detoxing and that is why life sucks right now. The faster you detox the sooner the side effects will go away. Drinking water helps you detox MUCH faster as water is the main fuel your body uses for any kind of detox.


The good news about these side effects . . .

As your body becomes accustomed to being without nicotine, your blood sugar levels return to normal. Your addiction to cigarette begins to become less and less because your body is detoxing and eventually will not require nicotine at all. Your body can take a couple of months to fully detox, so be patient.


Common Myths about Quitting Smoking:

Nicotine Patches. Dude, your trying to quit smoking! This means your ridding your body of the need for nicotine. So why would you continue to give it nicotine through another source? Put down the patch. It’s just a marketing tool.

You don’t eat because you have a cigarette in your hand. Total bullcrap! The reason people gain wait when they quitting smoking is because their blood sugar drops and causes the alarming need to eat eat eat! It’s a simple scientific fact. It has nothing to do with your hand. Just drink some juice with natural sugar and you blood sugar levels will remain stable, therefore you won’t get the feeling that you need to engage in absolute carnage in the kitchen.


Good Side effects of quitting smoking:

You feel better. Less fatigue from your body dealing with processing nicotine

Your stamina increases. Your lungs become more powerful, therefore allowing you to process oxygen better and more efficiently.

Quitting smoking helps others. If any of your friends or family don’t like your smoking and hate being around it, its probably because they breathe it in with you. Second hand smoke is very bad.

You smell better. Stink cigarette breath! No one like a stinky boy/girl! Your clothes wont reek anymore either.

The bottom line. Your health will get better. Smoking doesn’t just cause cancer, it also causes a plethora of other diseases and ailments. Want to live longer? If yes, then Quit Smoking. If no, then seek therapy.


If you find quitting smoking difficult try electronic cigarettes, or you can check out my post on How to Quit Smoking in 30 days using Electronic Cigarettes

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