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South Beach Smoke has been after me for awhile to do a review of their Electronic Cigarette. I try to only include the really “good” brands on my video reviews, and leave the not so good ones by the wayside or just a simple text review. When I first received an E-cig kit from South Beach Smoke, I did not like it. They were however very generous and did send me a huge kit for free, so I did promise them if I didn’t have anything nice to say, I wouldn’t say anything at all. They sent me another kit or two later on, and it was an improvement, but still not enough for my liking.

So for months I did not include them on my site. I was not happy with the vapor production and taste. HOWEVER, I was contacted by them again recently and they had informed me they totally re-designed their Electronic Cigarettes from the ground up. They ASSURED me that the new version was totally kick ass, and they again sent me a free kit.

They got it right. So why is “South Beach Smoke” now an awesome E-cig”?

Because they are committed to their product, their warranty, and their willingness to continue to improve. Their E-cigs also produce Billows of vapor, and taste great too! If you watch the video, you will see how much vapor these things put out! It’s insane!

I will let the video speak for itself. You can clearly see a difference. This is an unedited video of me opening the box right after I grabbed it front my mailbox. I did this because they were VERY adamant that this one would rival the top E-cigs in the industry, and well, it actually does. Anyway, enough of me rambling watch the Vid!!!!


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AND DON’T FORGET!!!!! If you have the “New” version of South Beach Smoke or You decide to buy it, LEAVE YOUR REVIEW ON THIS PAGE!!! Please! It really helps others see what real users are saying about the product, and not just some blogger (me). Happy Trails!

Here is a recent video review with both me and Jason:

You just read an editor review. Click Here to read South Beach Smoke Consumer Reviews

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South Beach Smoke4.5AJ2013-10-18 01:26:25South Beach Smoke has been after me for awhile to do a review of their Electronic Cigarette. I try to only include the really “good” brands on my vide…
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