Talk To Actual Electronic Cigarette Company CEO’s On Forum

The best electronic cigarette reviewsite on the planet has opened it’s doors to all of you. has started the Puffweb Forum and you sign up as soon as you are able.

Talk about anything ecig related or for that matter smoking related. There is a hooka, fine tobacco, cigar, and regular cigarette section. Dan and myself are on all the time to chit chat with you directly. Also, as a special treat we at have gotten the president/CEO’s of 6 of our top brands to sign up and stop by regularly to answer question. Just go to the Ask the Ecig CEO’s section, select the company you want to know about, ask a question, and get it answered by the actual CEO of that company. No other ecig review site can come even close to offering that kind of interaction. A big thanks to all the president/CEO’s who are participating.

So everyone be sure to sign up to the forum here so you can have even more Puffweb knowledge flowing through that brain of yours. Me and Dan hope to hear from everyone there.


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