The Best V2 Cig Flavors Reviewed

Fortunately for me, I get allot of free Electronic cigarettes in the mail because of the popularity of Puffweb. Every time a company comes out with a new flavor, they usually send me one to review.

In the course of the past few years, I have tried every single flavor that V2 has to offer. I have my opinion on what the best flavors are, but it really depends on what “real cigarette flavor” each user likes to begin with.

For instance, if you like Parliament cigarettes, then you will probably enjoy the “Congress” Flavor (which mimics Parliaments) much better than the Sahara Flavor (which mimics Camels).

First, let’s look at what V2 Cigs offers in flavors:

Real Tobacco Flavors:

V2 Red: Mimics Marlboro Cigarettes. The strongest nicotine cartridge at 18mg would be equivalent to a Marlboro Red, while the 12mg would be like a Marlboro Light, and a 6mg would be like a Marlboro Ultra Light.
V2 Sahara: These mimic the flavor of Camel Cigarettes.
V2 Congress: These mimic the Flavor of Parliament Cigarettes

Menthol Flavors:

V2 Menthol: Hard to place this one, but it is somewhere in between a Marlboro Menthol and a Newport. However, it is THE best Menthol is the business, and I have heard that from many people.
V2 Peppermint: This one is sort of a more “fun” version of the menthol. It’s a lot closer the the Marlboro Smooth Menthol cigarettes.
V2 Mint Tea: This one, yikes, well . . . I just don’t like it. I’ll leave it at that.

Specialty Flavors:

V2 Chocolate: This one is awesome, really tastes like milk chocolate. it’s actually my favorite flavor!
V2 Coffee: Since I am a huge coffee lover, I love this one because it really tastes like coffee!
V2 Cherry: Not too crazy about this one, it tastes like Cherry but not as close as the Coffee and Chocolate.
V2 Vanilla: This one is really smooth, I don’t like vanilla but I find myself puffing on the one when I run out of the Chocolate and I have no complaint’s.

In my opinion, the most realistic flavor for me is the V2 Red. It really encompasses the overall “realism” of a cigarette. From the throat hit to the after taste, this one just hits the mark. If your into menthol, then your in luck, because V2 has the most realistic menthol in the business, bar none. It’s called V2 Menthol. Pretty straight forward right?

If you are into the “specialty” flavors, such as cherry, chocolate, or coffee, then I would have to say the Chocolate flavor by V2 is outstanding. It is really the only flavor I enjoy smoking on a regular basis. The coffee is also really good too. I’m not a huge fan of their Cherry, as it doesn’t come as close to a real cherry flavor like the chocolate comes to actual chocolate!

So here is my break down of the best flavors from V2 Cigs:

Classic Cigarette Lovers: V2 Red
Menthol Lovers: V2 Menthol (Best menthol in the Biz!)
Exotic Flavor Lovers: V2 Chocolate

If you would like to check out V2’s flavors, you can head over to the V2 Store, or you can check out my V2 Cigs Review to see my opinion on V2 as a whole plus a ton of User Reviews.

Let me know what your favorite V2 Flavor is! Comment below!

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