The Top 5 Benefits of Smoking

Smoking is the most horrible, dangerous, no good, disgusting product a person could ever use. Most people alive today have been lead to believe this with good reason. Smoking tobacco (particularly cigarettes) can have serious effects on a person health. Between the long tern effects (like lung cancer and heart disease) and short term effects (like high blood pressure and blood circulation problems), smoking in the end is just not worth it.

However, what people do not hear about often is that smoking has its benefits as well. I know, I know, crazy right?

5. Smoking Acts As a Diet Aid: Many smokers have long considered smoking a way to suppress their appetite. What is interesting about nicotine is that the drug itself acts as both an appetite stimulant and an appetite suppressant at the same time. The keys that help the suppressant side win out are twofold:

A) Smoking over a semi-long period of time will dull the taste of food and certain things will not taste as good. This makes them less desirable.

B) The act of smoking becomes imbedded in your routine and as your behavior changes to accommodate this your desire to snack or randomly eat goes away.

4. Clopidogrel Works Better With Smokers: I am sure many of you are wondering what the heck clopidogrel is so let’s start with that. Clopidogrel is a drug that works with your heart to help prevent blood clots. It is often administered to people with coronary disease or someone who has recently had a stroke. It is helped by smoking because when a person smokes they stimulate proteins in the body known as cytochromes. These proteins work well with clopidogrel.

3. Parkinson’s Risk Is Lowered: Anyone who knows about Michael J. Fox has at least a little bit of an idea about Parkinson ’s disease. It is a disease that affects the central nervous system. No study has been able to explain the exact relationship between smoking and the prevention of this horrible disease, but smokers have been all but immune to this point.

2. Knee Replacement Surgery Runs Smoother If You’re a Smoker: Better yet, if you are a smoker you are far more likely to never have knee replacement surgery in the first place. Most knee replacement surgeries take place after years of wear and tear on the joints. Smokers are far less likely to put that kind of wear and tear on by doing things like jogging for example.

1. The Risk of Death After a Heart Attack Goes Down: I bet you were not expecting to read that huh? Yup, smokers die far less than nonsmokers after a heart attack by the numbers. The reason for this is that a smoker’s body is more receptive to therapy after a heart attack. That makes it easier to remove plaque from the arteries.


Of course, it is entirely possible that Smoking caused your Heart Attack in the first place, so I guess I should be fair and mention that, but as you can see there are at least SOME benefits to smoking. Now, do they outweigh all of the negatives? Of course not, that’s why the electronic cigarette exists. However, it is a lie to claim that they have no benefit.



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