Top 10 Nastiest things found in Cigarettes

So you are intrigued by what nasty, disgusting, or otherwise harmful chemicals are found in that cigarette your smoking. Well here is a list of ten downright nasty things that fly into your lungs superman style every time you take a puff.

Common Toxins found in Cigarette


Yup. Lead. This is a toxic metal chemical that is actually radioactive. It causes radioactive spots inside your lungs that develop over time. Not surprisingly, these spots often turn into lung cancer.


This nasty little guy is made up of 4 carcinogens that all have a field day with not only your lungs, but your liver, mouth, pancreas and Esophagus.

Carbon Monoxide

Oh yeah I know you know this one! This stuff is actually considered lethal, and many sorrowful individuals have died by falling asleep in a running car parked indoors. This compound is found in car exhaust and also found in cigarettes in high concentrations!

Hydrogen Cyanide

This chemical was used in gas chambers by Hitler in the 40’s, contributing to the death of 6 million Jews. Guess what? Your smoking it every time to light up!


This nasty guy is found in cigarettes, and also found in fertilizer. It is EXTREMELY toxic to humans and can cause immediate death in high doses.


This extremely poisonous metal is a permanent resident in cigarette smoke. If you smoke, you have twice the levels of Cadmium in your body. Some effects of high cadmium levels can be renal failure, muscle cramps, stomach problems, and feelings of wooziness.


Rat poison? Yup, arsenic is a toxic chemical used to kill rats and bugs. Tobacco farmers douse their crops is arsenic to kill plant eating bugs so they get a large yield. The Arsenic stays on the plants from the time they are sprayed to the time they are rolled, and all the way into your mouth. Tobacco companies don’t care that you are inhaling pesticides, but hopefully you do!


This is a chemical you cannot see, taste, or smell. It is basically a preservative. It is used to keep dead bodies fresh looking until they are buried, and also used to keep cigarette fresh until you smoke them. You know that “throat hit” you feel when you smoke? That is Formaldehyde synthesizing in your throat and reaking havoc on your cells and developing nasal cancer.


This carcinogen is responsible for slowly but surely deteriorating your sensory abilities. That’s right, every cigarette you smoke decreases your central nervous systems ability to function. It can also cause anemia, leukemia, and bone marrow disease. This is twice as possible for females that smoke.


Oh yeah, the one everybody knows! Nicotine is the primary compound in a cigarette. It is a stimulant that increases blood pressure and causes constriction of blood vessels and arties, making blood flow much harder. It also causes fat to be released into the blood stream, making the possibility of blood clot much higher. Really want to mes your body up? Smoke a cigarette directly after a meal or a workout. You body will already be pumping blood through your body like crazy to digest food or get blood to muscles. Then, you constrict that flow and put tremendous pressure on your heart, making heart attacks and strokes almost a sure thing if you continue to smoke.

So, what do you think?

Knowing this information, are you at all concerned about your smoking habit? Do you have friend or family member that smoke? Share this post with them, I’d love to hear your opinions. Comment away!

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