Top 6 Long Term Health Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

Yesterday we told you about the everyday benefits of quitting smoking. Today (as promised) we are going to dive into the long term health benefits that you reap when finally deciding to give up traditional smoking once and for all.

Here are the top 10 long term health benefits of quitting smoking:

6. Your Blood Circulation Improves – In as early as six months after quitting you blood circulation will improve as you get all the toxins out of your body.

5. Normal Blood Pressure – Each and every time you light up a cigarettes your blood pressure increases. About 20 minutes after you are done smoking your blood pressure returns to normal. This type of fluctuation is not good for the body and can weaken it in many areas. By quitting, your blood pressure will almost instantly stop doing this.

4. Lower Carbon Monoxide Levels – We all know carbon monoxide is poison to the human body. We now all know smoking cigarettes raises the levels of carbon monoxide in  in the blood. In just 24 hours after not smoking a cigarette these levels begin to lower.

3. More Energy – If you quit in as early as a few days you will notice your energy level begin to increase. This happens as it begins to be easier for you to breath because your lungs are able to take in more oxygen.

2. Heart Attack Risk Goes Way Down – When you smoke and your blood pressure is fluctuating constantly,, one of the things that can eventually happen is a heart attack. Once you decide to quit smoking and are successful for a year your chances of having a heart attack improve by over 50%

1. Risk of Lung Cancer Goes Way Down – Lung Cancer is the most generally referred disease when people discuss the dangers of smoking. It is also the scariest. People who have quit smoking for 10 years increase their chances of not getting this terrible disease by over 50% . Also after 10 years your risk of Heart Disease goes back to that of a non smoker.

Look, I like smoking as much (if not more) than anyone. I was that guy that thought it was cool back in the day. I’m the guy that thinks women who smoke (esp. when they do it the right way lol) are sexy as hell. I like waking up to a smoke and I love having a smoke after a big meal. But long term problems are only going to get worse the longer I smoke, and the same goes for anyone.

This is why I firmly believe that the electronic cigarette is going to eventually replace smoking. It healthier, safer, and IMO has the ability to reach even more people because of the cool gadgetry and endless flavors. The best part about ecigs is that they do not cause the kind of damage you just read about.

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