V2 Cigs Review

Remember that song “Simply the Best”? Well after 2 years of using E-cigs, I have to say V2 is “better than all the rest”.

I was a long time user of Green Smoke, but when I got a call from the guys at V2 Cigs asking me to do a V2 Cigs review, it wasn’t long before I switched to V2 permanently.

The bottom line here is that they excel in every area. Taste, vapor amount, battery life, price, everything. Plus, they just did a complete redesign of their line, and it’s even better than the original.

The menthol is incredible, it’s as close as you’re going to get to a real Menthol Cigarette . . . Period.

They also have Red (which simulates Marlboro reds), Sahara (which is like Camel), and Congress (which is the parliament clone).

They are all pretty spot on, the realism is just incredible compared to other brands.

Now myself, I like the flavors like Chocolate, Cherry, and Coffee. Those are really cool to smoke if you have quit and you just want to puff around here and there. Personal preference comes into play here, as some people might not like Cherry, so you obviously wouldn’t want to order Cherry cartridges. I myself hear the peppermint is awesome, but I don’t like peppermint, so I don’t really care LOL.

Yep V2 definitely is on top of my list as far as taste goes. They have the best chocolate I have ever tasted, even better than Green Smoke.

So far, I have used V2 for about 1 year and had no issues with the batteries whatsoever. The biggest issue with most brands is battery life. I am truly impressed with the battery and cartridge life. Some brands only last a half a packs worth, but V2 really seems to have got it right!

I recommend V2 Cigs as my #1 brand.

Also, the owner of V2 sent me an email yesterday and offered a 10% discount to PuffWeb.com readers. You can use the coupon code “PUFFWEB” for 10% off any V2 Product.


Since doing this V2 Cigs review, Puffweb.com has become very popular. I was sent about 10 or 12 kits from different brands asking me to review them. V2 Cigs also sent me their new kit. Me and Jason sat down and reviewed each one on video. Because V2 was my previous #1 pick, I gave them the courtesy of reviewing last so I could really compare all the other brands to V2′s NEW design.

Now, for awhile, I was thinking that V2 would be getting ousted as #1. However, after trying all the brands, and THEN trying the NEW V2 (which was redesigned from the ground up), V2 Cigs is STILL is the best E-cig is my opinion. Green Smoke is very close but more expensive for similar quality.

You see, you have all these companies trying to make a better product all the time, which is good for us, the consumer. Back in 2009, Electronic Cigarette brands all around were nowhere near the quality they are now, and V2 Cigs has continued to make their product better too. V2 Cigs had the highest rating overall for 2011. Now, in 2013, they are still the best as far as I can see.

Their battery life is the longest in the industry, vapor amount is huge, cartridge life is long, and best of all . . . their prices are low even though they are the best. That’s what makes them really incredible in my opinion. There are other kits out there that are twice the price, and not even as good. V2 is my personal recommendation . . .still. Visit the V2 Store

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V2 Cigs Review5AJ2014-05-20 16:58:57

Remember that song “Simply the Best”? Well after 2 years of using E-cigs, I have to say V2 is “better than all the rest”.

I was a long time use…

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  • William English

    Buyer Beware

    V2 Cigs has competent marketing. Their products are compare well to what is available from other vendors. It is easy to make purchases from their website. However, placing an order and paying for the product does not necessarily mean that you will receive your product.

    I ordered products from the V2 website that I have not received. I made repeated requests that they ship my products to no avail. Finally, I requested that they credit back to my card the money that they have taken from me. I have not had any success getting V2 Cigs to resolve the transaction.

    This was my third order with V2, and my last. This experience has made me regret any interaction with the company. I will also mention that they will not ship on the same day that you order. It makes no difference the time of day, they will hold your order from shipping for at least 24 hours before shipping.