V2 Disposable Review

Here is a video I just did on V2 Cig’s disposable Electronic Cigarettes. Let me know what you guys think!

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  1. Steve

    When I received the V2 Kit, they also sent 2 disposables, one menthol and one regular. I am a menthol smoker so I kept the menthol one and gave the non menthol one to my brother to try. I have to say, I didn’t notice the aftertaste that you noticed, and I actually liked this menthol flavor better than the menthol cartridge. I agree with you, not sure why anyone would get these unless for a trip or just trying the V2 brand. Incidently, I placed an order with V2 for some blank carts and another manual battery, and they send me another non menthol disposable free, so looking forward to trying that one. Thanks again for the review.

  2. rafael1234

    Hey, I’m rafael and I lately ceased smoking cigarettes ‘real’ tobacco. I have two kids (two daughters) and they both experience from bronchial asthma because of the second-hand smoking cigarettes they were breathing in from me. My fingertips, breathing and outfits stank of smoking cigarettes and I had ash burns in my car and on my outfits.I was also being affected by a difficulty breathing when doing regular day-to-day actions, which is why I began using e-cigarettes like the V2 Cigarettes.

  3. justin1234

    The taste of the V2 is sweeter than that of any other electronic cigarette that I have tried. Personally I love this in an electronic cigarette. It is a clean change to that of a regular cigarette that has a strong taste of trash most of the time. More info

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